Hi, I'm Gina Stevens


When I introduce myself I usually say something like, “Hey I’m Gina, I do freelance Graphic Design”, then I’d shut the heck up so I could hear all about you! Unfortunately you can’t talk back, so I guess I’d better keep the conversation going for us...

I started my design education in New Zealand’s creative capital (Wellington), attending both Massey and Victoria University’s School of Design. I unlearnt things, I was challenged, I made lifelong friends, I worked hard, I had fun, and I thrived, graduating four years later with a Bachelor of Design with First Class Honours - something I’m very proud of. I also studied abroad at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where I learnt about the universality of design. Americans sure run things a little differently than us Kiwi’s, but design is a universal language, and I learnt a lot in my time there.

Ive been continuing my education ever since, doing courses, working abroad, attending industry events and just getting stuck in - working with clients. I now work full time as a freelance Graphic Designer from my home studio in Auckland. Simultaneously running Memory Press, a studio that specialises in creating beautiful and memorable funeral service sheets (you can see more about that over here).

Why you should hire me

I am a passionate professional and a life long learner. I understand that design needs to visually engage with people, but it’s even more important that design understands the business objectives and then delivers a tangible result - whether that be more sales, more enquiries, or better conversions. I deliver quality, polished work, on time and in budget - thanks to my time tested working process. Interested to hear what others say about working with me? See my testimonials.

What type of work do I take on?

I work by a philosophy that you are responsible for what you help bring into the world. That you can only stand as proud as the work you do, and its benefit to society. It’s for this reason that I look for projects that I feel have a fantastic benefit to the world, projects I think are great fun, projects where I think I can learn something, basically anything where my values align with the project goals.

Like to know how I can help you?